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Financed palm trees for sale near me

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Financed palm trees for sale near me

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2024's Best Temperature Guarantee Included For FREE With
Palm Professionals' Expert Installation

FREE PRO 30 Inch Moisture/Soil Testing Tool Included With
Palm Professionals' Expert Installation
To Monitor Your Palm

The Truth About Guarantees....

Garden Centers may tell you they offer a Guarantee on the life of a tree, but what about if it starts only looking weak or half dead? That's Not Covered. Even Worse When It Dies, Now You're Told It's Probably "Your" Fault, Right??? How About Neglect Or Some Other Excuse How You Voided Your Guarantee??? Unfortunately, People Are Exposed To These Situations Everyday.

The "Trick" Begins After The Installation

After they installed it and then they just walked away...
YOU take over the care of the new palm tree

All of the sudden they expect YOU to be the palm tree expert, But You're Not...
That's Why You Paid A Professional... With A Guarantee (Or So You Thought)

Now When Things Go Wrong And You're Told Some Excuses About Too Much Water, Not Enough, Improper Care By You.......It's Your Fault And You Voided Your Guarantee...bla, bla, bla.....

What You Just Read Above Is A Common Story We Hear Everyday From Dissapointed Customers That Lost Money, Time, And Trust In Guarantees From Garden Centers.



Best Quality Palm Trees In Houston

+ We Back Our Work With A 1 Year Guarantee At No Additional Fee
Why Don't Others???

How Do We Provide a Better 1 Year Guarantee? 
It Starts with providing 2 visits of follow-up care by sending our palm tree specialist out to check on the palm tree and provide any treatments that may be needed to ensure that the palm tree thrives during the first most crucial months of establishing roots (Root Initiation Period). 
After that, our Palm Tree experts will be available for unlimited correspondence via phone, text, and email to assist the rest of the duration of your 1 year guarantee and make sure everything is going well into the future with your new palms.

Afterall, If we have our Palm Tree specialist caring for your Palm Tree and it dies from transplant shock during our root initiation care, then we can't blame it on anyone but ourselves and you get a new Palm Tree.

It's That Simple, No Crying, No Blaming 

Still don't think that follow up care is important?

Read More Below About The Root Initiation Period Of Palms Below

You Can Clearly See That None Of The Roots Established. No Expert Follow Up Care Was Provided To Get The Tree To Establish Properly And
Now You Have A Sick Or Dead Tree.

Best Place To Buy Palm Trees Near Me

This Is The Way The Roots Should Start To Look When You Pull Away The Soil To Evaluate. Proper Follow Up Care By Our Experts Ensures That The Tree Establishes Properly During The Crucial 3 Month Root Initiation Period.

Best Place To Buy Palm Trees Near Me

Root Initiation Period

The most crucial time for a palm tree is directly after it is transplanted (Root Initiation Period). Palm Trees need to generate new roots during the first months after installation. If it doesn't, then the tree may die or possibly look stunted and weak for years. This is why we include 2 visits of follow up care by palm tree experts when we install our palm trees.

It is crucial that a palm tree expert is used for this follow up care and maintenance. You need someone that only works with palm trees and does it daily....

An Average Day Laborer At Garden Centers Can't Provide That, But Our Palm Tree Experts Will...It's The Only Thing That We Do Every Day!

Nothing compares to a true palm tree specialist. Garden Centers are NOT palm tree specialists.

You Need Professionals.... You Need "The Palm Professionals"

You Just Sit Back And Relax While The Professionals Take Over.

Best Place To Buy Palm Trees Near Me

Still Trying To Compare Our Installation Price To Others???
If You Want To Try, Then Have The Local Garden Center Complete This Chart And Add Up The Additional Costs That They Would Charge You.

Now You Can Fairly Compare Pricing On The Exact Same Services Being Provided By Us Compared To Them

It's All-Inclusive With Our Installations

Installation Process Features

Our Palm Pro Experts

Some Local Garden Center

Palm Tree Temperature Guarantee

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

2 Follow up Visits By A Palm Tree Expert and Granular Palm Tree Fertilizer Applied During Visit

Follow Up Care/Maintenance
Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

FREE PRO 30 Inch Moisture/Soil Testing Tool To Monitor Your Palm

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

Extra Treatments Applied By A Palm Expert During Follow Up Visits If Needed Due To Insects, Fungus, Etc. That May Occur Later

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

1 Year Guarantee Included With Installation

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

Haul Away Excess Soil From Job and Disposal Included

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

Tree Supports Included

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

Equipment Rentals and Crane Included When Needed

Included By Us FREE within 25 feet

Not Included By Others

Soil, Mulch, and Amendments Added During Installation. We Do Not Just Dig A Hole And Drop A Tree In

Included By Us FREE

Not Included By Others

Best Place To Buy Palm Trees Near Me

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  5. We Have The Fastest Turn-Around Time In The Industry From The Time You Select Your Palm Trees To When They Are Installed By Our Experts
  6. Relax and Enjoy Your New Palm Trees As Our Experts Continue To Provide Our Ground Breaking All-Inclusive Follow Up Care/Maintenance Of Your Beautiful Palm Trees After Installation Is Complete

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