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1. Guarantee on All Large Field Grown Trees
These Big TX type "garden centers" may claim "planted and guaranteed" trees but their fine print states that they in their terms and conditions and other Big TX sized "nurseries" do not offer any guarantees of any kind on field grown trees. We are not a "garden center". We are palm tree specialists.

2. Guarantee on Professional Installation By The Only Palm Tree Specialists In Houston
Not some day laborer from some Big TX sized "garden center". We are not a "garden center". We are palm tree specialists.

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Some People Are More Picky Than Others

  Is my palm tree healthy ? There are many things to consider when looking at the health of your palm tree. A palm tree specialist will be able to make their own decision about buying a palm tree based upon certain conditions that they may be interested in or looking for, while the next person may base their decision on purchasing a palm tree on totally different factors and conditions of the palm tree. Some people are more picky than others when it comes to buying palm trees. One person may buy a palm tree when another person may not be intersted in buying the palm trees from you at all. Having said that, you will typically find that most people want the palm trees.

  How can i tell if my palm tree is healthy ? Many health factors can only be determined by palm tree specialists that have worked with palm trees for years. Many of the bad conditions are not normally noticable to an average homeowner, here are a few easy to find potential problems that a palm tree may have.

  Healthy Trunk?Palm trees can have trunk damage, deep scarring, or constriction (when the palm tree trunk width reduces from the normal width of the palm tree trunk to sometimes half of the width it should be and then returns to the normal width again just a little higher up the palm tree trunk). This can cause the palm tree to break at the constricted part of the trunk and end up in a complete loss of the palm tree.

Do the palm tree fronds on top look green and full? If your palm tree has brown fronds or branches at the top center of the palm tree where the new growth emerges, then your palm tree could have a fungus, bug/insect damage, or may be suffering from some vascular problem that is not moving the water and nutrients from the roots through the trunk and up to the top of your palm tree. These palm trees could go into "shock" easier than a healthy palm tree and could die from transplanting them. 

  Another thing to consider is if the palm tree is supposed to have decorative petiole bases on it. These are the old palm tree fronds that were cut and the bases are still attached to the palm tree trunk. This is usually a pure cosmetic feature, but some trees are known for their special cut petiole bases. This may not matter to someone buying a palm tree that likes to skin the trunks, but others may keep looking to purchase a palm tree that is more symmetrically trimmed and manicured properly, especially if you have a specimen palm tree that you are buying.


  Almost every palm tree is worth digging

  Palm trees take years to grow, so most of your palm tree companies and nurseries are more than happy to buy palm trees from you rather than sit on their product for thirty or fourty years waiting for it to mature. 

  If you are just going to have your palm tree cut down, then a palm tree specialist that is willing to dig your palm tree for free is a better deal than having to pay a tree service to remove your palm tree. If you are in it for the money, there are many things that determine the value of your palm tree or palm trees as a group. Some of these things are listed in the articles above, such as location, accessibilty, condition, and health, but their are also other factors like having a large amount of trees. The other thing that determines the value of what you can sell your palm tree for or what someone is willing to pay you for your palm tree, is the type of palm tree. Is it a hybrid, multi-trunk, specimen palm tree, or rare palm tree for that area ?
  If you determine that you may have a palm tree that someone will buy and has value, THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET FULL RETAIL VALUE FOR YOUR PALM TREE. A common misconception is that since you may have seen that type of palm tree for sale at a palm tree nursery for a lot of money, your tree will be purchased for that exact amount. Please be realistic with your asking price. Would you buy a palm tree for full retail cost and then add the expenses of labor, equipment, and transporting the palm tree on top of that. While you can get paid good money for your palm tree, especially if you have a rare or specimen palm tree, it costs palm tree companies a lot of money in labor, equipment, and transportation. Above all, the palm tree company can stand to lose their entire investment and time in the palm tree if it dies after transplanting it. If you are unsure what is a reasonable price to ask for your palm tree, we recommend that you ask for price offers or bids from the people interested. This way you do not deter people from contacting you because of some over-inflated price. You may even be offered more money for your palm tree than you would have asked !!!


Palm tree removal companies and palm tree specialists will usually find a way to remove your palm tree

Can people get to your palm tree?   With modern equipment, tools, and hydraulics now available, people can usually find a way to move just about anything. For example, if your palm tree is in a backyard and there is no access to it from the sides of the property, sometimes the only way to remove the palm tree is to use a crane that will lift it over a house. This can quickly add to the cost of the removal, which means that they may still be interested in digging the palm tree, but they may not be able to purchase your palm tree for quite as much money as you may have expected, or buy your palm tree at all because of the high cost of transplanting the palm tree. Another potential problem may be if the palm tree is growing to close to a house, building, pool, concrete, electrical lines, etc. Please try to take these conditions into consideration when trying to sell a palm tree.   Now having said that, even if you may be thinking that your palm tree may not be able to be moved or may be to much trouble for someone to purchase or buy your palm tree, Remember...  these trees take years to grow, and you never know if you may have that one palm tree that is perfect for a landscaping project or some rare palm tree that someone will purchase from you for lots of money.

  Even if one person tells you that the palm tree is not worth the effort, you can usually quickly find out that in fact it may be a "GOLDMINE" to someone else.

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