How To Protect Palm Trees From Freezing Winter Weather, Cold Wind, And Frost

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Winter Palm Tree Care Factors:

how do i protect palm trees in houston from winter cold and frost

    First, lets cover the most simple way to determine if your palm tree will survive a freeze. Obviously, which type of palm tree you have selected for your location has a great deal to do with it's tolerance to cold winter weather. There are way too many types of palm trees to select from to list here so we will save that for another topic. The size and health of the palm tree are the other factors that will determine your palm tree's chances of surviving a freeze or frost on the palm tree. If you have a new young palm tree that is small or unhealthy, it will be at risk of freeze burn or damage from winter frost and freezing weather. These palm trees may require additional winter care precautions. Regular fertilizing during the year with a quality palm tree fertilizer (A Brand Called PERFECT PALM Fertilizer is available online at ) will increase the palm tree's cold hardiness by up to 5 degrees in the winter, but if your reading this article in a panic at the last minute then it's probably too late for that at this moment. Let's help you worry about the next 48 hours prior to a freeze and how to care for your palm tree now that a cold winter freeze is approaching.

How Do I Care For My Palm Trees During Cold Winter Weather and Freezing Temperatures?

  • (Option 1) Water
  • (Option 2) Spray
  • (Option 3) Wrap
  • (Option 4) Heat
  • (Option 5) Housing

How To Care For Palm Trees During Winter:

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Option 1 (Watering):

proper palm tree care-watering before freezing weather and frost in houston texas     Heavy watering before a freeze. Water the soil and roots of your palm trees heavily prior to an anticipated winter freeze or frost. The palm tree will endure the freezing temperatures better if it is saturated. Water can act as an insulator when inside the palm tree trunks.

OPTION 2 (Frost Protection Spray Solution):

how-do-i-protect-palm-tree-during-winter-frost-weather-freezing-ice      Spray your palm trees with a winter frost protection application product like Leaf Guardian Spray (link provided below more details and pricing). This is the best and longest lasting method of protecting your palm trees from frost and wind damage during the winter weather. This thin wax-like product will keep the palm tree fronds safe from freeze burn caused by frost, ice, and cold damaging winds that dry the palm tree fronds up. One application of this freeze protection solution will typically last up to 2 months. Other more northern places may have to re-apply this palm tree protective solution. This solution has to be applied thoroughly to fully engulf and cover every inch of the palm tree fronds from top to bottom. Leaf Guardian can also be applied to the trunks.

COMPLETE COVERAGE IS CRUCIAL. As a bonus, This solution will also help keep the palm tree fronds looking shiny.

    For small palm trees or projects, you can buy this Leaf Guardian frost protectant spray in a ready-to-use spray bottle. For medium size palm trees or projects, you can buy this frost protection in a concentrated liquid and mix your own solutionin a pump sprayer bottle or battery operated sprayer for higher reach with better coverage.   For large projects or large, tall palm trees, this product has to be applied using special equipment that is typically used by commercial insecticide companies and tree service companies.

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Option 3 (Frost Protection Covers, Cloths, and Blankets):

how to burlap frost cloth wrap palm trees during frost, winter, freezing weather      Wrapping your palm tree. This can be done to help protect your palm trees with or without the use of spray protectants listed in Option 2. The use of these cloths after you apply the frost protection spray will give your palm trees a greater chance of winter freeze and frost protection. Just spray the palm tree, wait for it to dry, then wrap.

How to wrap your palm tree with frost protectant cloths, burlap, or blankets:


    For small palm trees or projects, you can cover the entire top of the palm tree with a frost protective blanket that will cover it all the way to the ground. Make sure that the blanket touches the ground. Sometimes gathering the fronds and pulling them together in an upward position and then tying them together in a group will help during the process of covering trees. For medium size palm trees or projects, if you are unable to cover the palm tree with a frost protective blanket then tie the top fronds together in a bundle as described above. Now, after tying, the trunk and tree fronds should be in a vertical pole-like position that will enable you to wrap the palm tree trunk and top fronds. The top of the palm tree (where the fronds grow out of the trunk) is very sensitive and needs to be wrapped thick. If you wrap the tree so thick that all sunlight is not allowed in to the tree, then you must uncover the palm tree again after the freeze warnings are over.
    For large projects or large, tall palm trees, wrapping and unwrapping the palm trees becomes more unpracticable, it's dangerous, and almost impossible to do. We recommend calling a palm tree specialist.

HIRE A PALM TREE SPECIALIST IN HOUSTON..Spaces Are Limited..Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute To Call. Call Today 713-621-PALM(7256)

   If you would like to have your palm trees protected and sprayed by a palm tree specialist in Houston and surrounding areas then call 713-621-PALM(7256) and ask about this special frost protection service that we can apply to your palm trees this winter.

Option 4 (Frost Protection Lights, Heat Lamps, and Heater Tapes):


palm tree heater care for winter frost weather protection palm tree christmas lights heater care for winter frost weather protection       Some people have shown success at keeping their palm trees safe and warm during cold winter weather and freezes by using heat from these lights and/or heat tapes. They have been reportedly used on the outside of the protective wrappings or underneath the protective wrappings. If these are used on the outside of the protective wrapping then you can keep the tree warmer but will lose some heat as it is not closed in to retain heat. If you use these inside of the wrappings (which most lighting and heating manufacturers do not recommend doing) you will retain more heat because it does not escape as easily. People have used christmas lights on the trees as well. The L.E.D. christmas lights do not emit heat, so do not use these. Most hardware stores carry these items. Again, these are methods that some people have had success with keeping their palm trees safe and warm in the winter but we have seen numerous trees that have caught on fire and can become hazardous depending on what heat is used and how.


how do i wrap palm tree during winter freeze with plastic sheets-make greenhouse cover Option 5 (Frost Protection Temporary Greenhouse Covering):

    Final option is to create a temporary shelter around your palm tree if possible. Use poles, posts, or create a frame out of what ever you like. A TeePee pyramid shape is the easiest to make. Wrap the outside of your supports in a plastic or heavy cloth. The plastic wrapping will help retain heat if you opted to use a heater or some other type of heated lighting source. Try not to use black plastics or dark colored fabrics that will not allow sunlight through. The sun will help build heat just like a greenhouse. Remember, this structure needs to be around the palm tree...not thrown on top of it. If plastic is just laying on top of the palm tree fronds it will burn the palm tree fronds and actually cause more damage than help.


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